Questions for Interviewing a Coach/Leadership Consultant

Picking an executive coach and leadership consultant that is right for you is critically important. You and your organization are going to invest not only money but more importantly – time. As a result, I would encourage you to interview your coach so that you can determine that fit – both from a competency standpoint as well as from a chemistry standpoint.   

Here are several questions you can consider in your search for an executive coach: 

  • What is your value proposition as an executive coach? What makes you unique?
  • What experience and tools do you bring to the coaching experience?
  • Who can be involved in the process? 
  • What is the experience like? How long will it last? What will we do?  

Lastly and most importantly – the coach you interview should be listening to YOU. Your coach should be asking you questions to understand your objectives and goals. Not all coaches are a fit for all situations. You are interviewing to find a good match and the coach should be interviewing you to ensure they are a match to deliver what you need.