Team Success

Team Success = Productivity

Myth: Leadership is about being smart and telling people what to do. Soft skills like communication, collaboration and the ability to understand what motivates others doesn’t really matter. 

That could not be further from the truth. The most productive teams that deliver the highest results have learned to:

  • Communicate effectively with a result driven mindset
  • Collaborate to succeed collectively
  • Understand the needs and values of others to create a productive environment

Team coaching and development will provide a heightened awareness to overall communication approaches by leveraging the learnings of the Birkman Method®. These workshops are focused on strengthening the relationships, collaboration and productivity of the team overall.

Objectives include:

  • Understanding individual interests, behaviors/strengths and needs/motivators   
  • Aligning interests to work assignments to increase job satisfaction
  • Leveraging the behaviors and strengths of each person to create a stronger sum total
  • Learning how to express personal needs and motivators to create a productive work environment
  • Understanding stressors to minimize impact on productivity
  • Incorporating a common vernacular which will enhance communication and collaboration

Workshops are designed to meet your specific leadership objectives. Each team is different from the next, and the challenges they face are all unique. Your workshop design will be customized to meet your specific needs and goals.