Understanding The Birkman Method®

You may leverage The Birkman Method® as part of your coaching engagement. You will be asked to complete the Birkman Method assessment, and I want to help answer some basic questions so you can be comfortable with the process and result.

What Is the Birkman Method?

The Birkman Method® assesses motivation and perception to help individuals understand how their unique mindset impacts relationships, performance, and attitude. One of the most powerful uses of Birkman is for personal development. Birkman reports help you achieve a better understanding of how you act and react in certain situations, and when used with teams, this can help team members see how they can best work together.

How is Birkman different from other assessments?

Birkman is a positive psychology instrument and not a clinical diagnostic tool that looks for dysfunction in people. When Dr. Roger Birkman developed the assessment 70 years ago, he took a radically different approach by focusing on the different ways that people are effective in their jobs. By measuring these styles and differences, powerful conversations can result from the realization that how we perceive differences with others drives our choice to view others as competing with us or as complementing our own style.

To accomplish this, The Birkman Method® reports on two measures of observable behavior and two measures of personal motivation. This approach provides you with confirmation of who you are, and it almost always provides insights that you might not have thought about before.

Why should you trust The Birkman Method?

In the 70 years since Birkman first started helping people understand themselves and others, Birkman has helped millions of people in their journey of personal development. There is a vast pool of data to complete research to make sure that the assessment is accurate. All data collected in the personal information section (like gender, job history or ethnicity) are kept strictly confidential and only used for research to ensure that the instrument is not biased by these factors. The only information that shows on reports is your name, the generated scores, and interpretive discussion that helps you understand what the scores mean. Birkman privacy policies conform with General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR).

What is Maria Volante’s experience with The Birkman Method®?

I have been a certified Birkman consultant since 2010. I have conducted nearly one thousand individual Birkman assessments and worked with countless teams. My clients include individual business owners to leaders in the Fortune 500. Prior to being a certified Birkman consultant, I used the tool myself in my executive leadership roles since 2001. Of all the behavioral assessments I have experienced and leveraged, Birkman was far and away the most effective in building high-performing and productive teams. It is my personal experience that motivated me to become certified as a Birkman consultant.